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Partner Search

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PARTNER SEARCH: Danish cinema looking for project partners - elementary schools and film schools for Erasmus+ cooperation

Call Information:

Call Title: Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in school education
Call Reference: Erasmus+
Deadline of the Call: Tue, 04/10/2022 - 12:00

Propsosal Information:

Kinorevuen is a modern cinema and also acts as a dynamic culture centre. It is a centre for many different experiences such as films, music, theatre, and presentations.

They are preparing application for Erasmus+ Small Scale within school education sector with title: TalentFilmAward 2023.

A collaboration between school students from 8th-9th grade and local associations and small businesses, where the students through a four-week course make targeted commercials for associations, clubs, shops and small businesses in the local community. All commercials will have a cinema premiere at a gala and awards show, where a jury, together with the audience, will judge and award films in a number of categories.

The project includes students from the 8th grade, a teaching team, the local cinema and the project developers, who are both affiliated with the cinema and independent film consultants.

The purpose of the project is:

  • To give school students who want to participate, insight into and desire to create films by collaborating on a film production that is shown to an audience and has a real function in the local area,
  • To give students recognition for their achievements through assessment and awarding outside the schools' formal educational framework,
  • To give the opportunity to further develop and integrate a large number of subjects in an overall film project that can be varied and repeated from year to year by the schools involved,
  • To give schools and the cinema the benefit of a joint event that creates awareness,
  • To provide local associations and small businesses with insight into the production and benefits of commercials through the collaboration with schoolchildren and other project participants,
  • To improve the visibility of associations and small businesses in their local area through the project's results (participation in award shows, publicity and commercials).

Project Budget: 60.000 EUR
Duration of Project: 1 year
Partners Involved: Kinorevuen and Rebild Ungdomsskole
Deadline for Expression of Interest: Fri, 22/07/2022 - 12:00
European Commission Contribution: 60.000 EUR

Partners Sought:

Type of Partners Sought:
The students in the project are digital natives and have grown up with a mobile phone glued to their hand. They are big consumers of visual media and can record and upload a video at lightning speed.

The aim of the project is to strengthen both the participants as analytical and conscious recipients and senders; and to strengthen them as targeted and creative producers of audiovisual media with the tools that are so prevalent now.

Therefore, we are looking for partners who work with related topics within the production of media and / or conscious use of media.

The aim is to be able to exchange experiences with different forms of teaching and the use of audiovisual technology in teaching.

Partner organisations relevant for this project proposal:

  • elementary school with media/technology subject in the formal education framework, or any relevant production/video/ media project involved previously
  • film school

Organisation Type: Public Authority, Citizens Organisation and Contact Information
Name: Aija Konisevska Azadi
Email Address: aka@ndeu.dk
Organisation Name: North Denmark EU Office

PARTNER SEARCH: Danish ICT startup working with biosensors, AI and machine learning is looking for culture and media partners for Creative Europe Innovation Lab call

Call Information:

Call Title: Innovation Lab (CREA-CROSS-2022-INNOVLAB)
Call Reference: Creative Europe
Deadline of the Call: Wed, 07/09/2022 - 12:00

Propsosal Information:

Danish AI, machine learning and biosensors technology startup looking for media and culture partners for Creative Europe Innovation Lab call with deadline 7 September.

Cultural, media and game actors are relevant for the project proposal by working on new digital content in their organisations or are willing to update existing digital content and expand/attract new audience as part of the project collaboration. Cinematronic is a Danish startup working with AI, machine learning and biosensors technology. They have already established strong collaboration with broadcasting and streaming media platforms in Denmark testing their technology on movie content.

Both the media and the gaming industry experience similar problems that make the need for quality assurance of the products essential for success.

Common problems are:

  • increasing competition in content production;
  • wasting budget on inefficient marketing materials;
  • poor user experience affecting conversion rate.

Existing solutions are often inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to user errors. For example, QA testing often only relies on qualitative user interviews and observation, which do not portray the whole truth.

Cinematronic solution combines quantitative and qualitative data to ensure a deeper understanding of the user’s media experience giving a comprehensive overview of what the person think and experience while watching, listening, playing.

Hereby in project collaboration, Cinematronic wants to test its technology in a new cultural context, that might be a museum, art gallery etc., hereby having digital content, video game or developing new digital content, where user-experience /visitor-experience assessment is crucial.

We will conduct 2-3 different projects across countries testing and adapting technology in a new context across sectors.

Duration of Project: 24 months
Partners Involved: Cinematronic
Deadline for Expression of Interest: Fri, 22/07/2022 - 12:00
European Commission Contribution: 60%

Partners Sought:

Type of Partners Sought:
Looking for culture and media partners willing to test the technology in their organisation, gather feedback from online/onsite visitors to adapt the content. Potential partner should be willing and interested to work with new audiences, uncover potential to improve to digital content provided.

Potential partners could be:

  • museums, art galleries, and similar culture actors with digital content, that lacks to attract specific audiences,
  • media actors such as movie production companies, and movie trailer production companies, willing to improve their content and become more competitive on the market,
  • video game developers, willing to improve the game content for a specific audience,
  • research partner/university department working with digital content development, AI, machine learning or biosensor technologies

Organisation Type: SMEs / Companies, University / Research centres and Contact Information
Name: Aija Konisevska Azadi
Email Address: aka@ndeu.dk
Organisation Name: North Denmark EU Office

PARTNER SEARCH: Call for project parties – INTERREG North Sea Classical Project

Call Information:

Call Title: Call for project parties: INTERREG North Sea Classical Project
Call Reference: INTERREG Europe

Propsosal Information:

In this Interreg North Sea call, EIT Urban mobility supports the Lindholm Science Park, based in Sweden, in bringing together interested consortium parties. The new proposal will partially build upon a former project CLOSER REEL and include new partners, especially from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. The Call covers northern France, all of Flanders, the entire territory of the Netherlands, northern Germany, nine counties in Norway, and part of Sweden.

Objectives In this call, project partners are interested in addressing Specific objective 2.5: Promoting sustainable multimodal urban mobility, as part of the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. The current focus of the project is on the electrification of the logistics chain in cities. The following areas are of special interest to the project:

  • Matching the charging requirements with the capacity from the electric grid perspective at selected logistics clusters, to identify bottlenecks and needs for upgrading the grid.
  • Examining financing of charging solutions (grid infrastructure, charger, battery storage).
  • Examining the economic feasibility of sharing charging infrastructure. In addressing this objective, project partners will partly build upon CLOSER REEL project which has been successfully implemented in Sweden.

Project Budget: 2-3m
Duration of Project: 36 months
Partners Involved: Lindholm Science Park and City of Eindhoven
Deadline for Expression of Interest: Mon, 01/08/2022 - 12:00

Partners Sought:

Type of Partners Sought: Partners from Flanders, Region Hauts-de-France (or Hamburg)

Contact Information:

Name Veronika Stepkova
Email Address veronika.stepkova@eiturbanmobility.eu
Organisation Name: EIT Urban Mobility

PARTNER SEARCH: Marine litter and pollution – Smart and low environmental impact fishing gears

Call Information:

Call Title: HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-05: Marine litter and pollution – Smart and low environmental impact fishing gears
Call Reference: Horizon Europe
Deadline of the Call: Tue, 27/09/2022 - 12:00

Propsosal Information:

To establish a new approach providing a circular production and business model addressing the challenge of marine litter and pollution from used trawls.

In 2025 manufacturer will be taking over the responsibility of collecting worn out as well as ghost fishing gear due to the new EU directive related to expanded producer responsibility. This makes the project idea highly relevant.

Main actions:
The project aims to engage with partners, who can provide/collaborate to build new knowledge, based on research or best practice, on the following key points:

  • Design fishing trawl made from materials, which has been re-circled or reused from used fishing gears
  • Fabricate rope and netting from re-used materials
  • Implementation of the new EU directive for “extended producer responsibility for fishing gear”
  • Create awareness of the important issue of delivering used trawls to be re-circled

Main outputs could be:

  • Solutions to sustainable fishing gear as well as reduction of waste by the use of the gear
  • Reduce water pollution from waste from fishing activities
  • Protected marine fauna and reduction of random catches in protected areas.
  • Improved and protected marine habitats, lake basins and negative effects of abandoned fishing equipment
  • Mapping and recovery of discarded fishing equipment

Duration of Project: 24-36 months
Partners Involved: Cosmos Trawl, Port of Hirtshals (DK), DTU Aqua (DK), Hampidjan (IS), Plastix (DK) and Re-Turn AS (NO)
Deadline for Expression of Interest: Mon, 15/08/2022 - 12:00

Partners Sought:

Type of Partners Sought:

  • Test vessel facility/Shipowners that can provide Test vessels for new products and/or onboard
  • Research partner with expertise in reuse and reusability of materials from fishing gear hereunder plastic granulate
  • Plastic recycling company/center
  • Port facility as test bed
  • Fishermen’s association(s) for mapping and dissemination activities

Contact Information:

Name: Michael Rafn
Email Address: mra@ndeu.dk
Organisation Name: North Denmarks EU-Office

PARTNER SEARCH: European Committee of the Regions

Dear CoR Members,

We are writing to share with you a call for selection of partners to establish two new Thematic Partnerships on Greening Cities and Sustainable Tourism under the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The Urban Agenda for the EU has previously delivered 14 Thematic Partnerships, on urban themes which were set forth in the Pact of Amsterdam. The renewal of the Urban Agenda for the EU according to parameters adopted through the Ljubljana Agreement in November 2021 proposes the launch of two new Thematic Partnerships in 2022, one on Sustainable Tourism and one on Greening Cities.

This new call for partner cities, regions, member States and other organisations will be open until 16 September 2022 at 18:00 (CET).

The application forms as well as more details regarding the eligible applicants, the selection process and criteria can be found online on:

Should you are interested, do not hesitate to apply or/and kindly circulate this call to any potentially interested local and regional authorities that you are in contact with.

Best regards

COTER Secretariat

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